At Pure Carbon Blue we capture carbon from water

This way you can deploy carbon neutral feedstock and compensate for unabated fossil emissions.

Good for the people, the planet and your business.

Our Manifesto

Life on Earth is dependent on carbon. And so are many businesses. Increasing awareness among the people and government regulations force us to deal responsibly with our resources and CO2 emissions. At Pure Carbon Blue, we simply want to offer the best possible solution. Pure business.

That's why we want to deploy a worldwide bio-carbon capture capacity of 1 Gt in 2030, based on our Direct Water Capture technology. This is our Mission 2030.

We can't do this on our own. To achieve this, we collaborate with business partners, knowledge institutes and investors. And we always involve the next generation in our decisions, so we can pass on planet Earth in a safe and appreciated manner. Like the CO2 molecule, we build durable bonds with flexibility.

Pure Carbon Blue. Just capture

About us

We are a team of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers. We’ll deliver bio-carbon to our customers. To do that hand-in-hand with nature and human welfare, we embrace the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially those related to responsible consumption, climate action, life below water and life on earth.

On our road to build our worldwide direct capture capacity, we collaborate with scientific based organizations and partner organizations. By iterating experiments with our hardware and business processes, we constantly push the "play" button to innovate and accelerate the creation of our carbon capture capacity. As a result, you get a worry proof solution that secures the future of your business. This is important to us, as we believe durable prosperity can only be achieved if both your business and the planet can profit from it.

Join us on the pathway to net-zero

Do you feel pressure from government regulations, customers, or within your organization to achieve net-zero? Even your climate friendly strategy might not be enough in the near future. So, why not go a step further? Go for solutions that require less burden of proof and less risk for the continuity of your business.

Our solutions:

* For production, retail or service industries: our Carbon Compensation Plan for your unabated emissions.

* For companies with a need for carbon feedstock: mitigate towards carbon neutral feedstock with our bio-carbon.

Get in touch and learn how we can help your business achieve net-zero emission targets enabled by our Direct Water Capture technology.

Download our white paper

If you want to know more about our vision on systematic change, please read our white paper that we produced together with Roland Berger: “Regenerating CO2, from Burden to Building Block”. This document gives you answers to questions like: why is direct capture required for achieving net-zero; how will it get us on the pathway to net-zero emissions; and why is it profitable to use direct capture in your strategy?

Download our white paper for free and get inspired by the solutions the world can build today.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. By joining us, you will become part of a spectacular and sustainable gamechanger. Your contribution to Mission 2030 of Pure Carbon Blue is about the future of our planet, people and businesses. We can't wait for a sustainable tomorrow, so let's start aligning our efforts today.