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We capture carbon from water making it a viable alternative to carbon of fossil origin.

Our Direct Water Capture technology creates value for companies that are in need of carbon feedstock by developing bio-carbon products that can be reused, or permanently stored.

And our process reduces the urgent risks of global warming and ocean acidification. For the good of people, planet, and businesses.

White Paper: Regenerating CO2,
from Burden to Building Block

The purpose of this white paper is to inspire interaction among business leaders, researchers and policymakers about the solutions the world can build today.

Why is carbon capture needed? How will it bring us on the pathway to net-zero emissions? Why should you consider direct capture in your company strategy?

Find out some of the answers to these questions by downloading the White Paper.


Create Impact with Us

We believe in building a world where purpose and profit co-exist, and drive change for the next generations.

Driven by our mission, we are working to create a worldwide Direct Water Capture capacity of 1 gigaton in 2030.

By collaborating with business leaders, we help to scale carbon neutral emissions, negative emissions, and effect systemic change.

About Us

We are a team of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers with a shared ambition for creating positive impact. Together with business partners and institutes our DWC technology can create value and help us accelerate to net zero emissions.
Pure Carbon Blue is a member of Remove, Europe’s only accelerator program designed to support young carbon dioxide removal companies. We are in the process of becoming a certified B-corporation, and our business is always driven by environmental impact alongside financial returns.

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If you are an investor or business leader who takes responsibility for a better world for the next generations, please contact us.

Ask for our Collaboration Program, and join our Mission 2030.