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All around us we can see the devastating impact of global warming caused by carbon emissions from human activity over the past 200 years. Life on earth is increasingly suffering from the devastating effects of droughts, floods, and wildfires. A lesser-known effect is that our ocean suffers from CO2 emissions leading to ocean acidification. If we act now, we can pass on our world to the next generations with limited consequences. For a better world we need to get to net-zero!

For companies, defossilization is often associated with the long-term development of new technologies. While zero emissions are needed, companies reduce emissions gradually where it’s feasible on the short-term by changing packaging materials or switching to solar panels and electric transportation.

Here’s the good news

Pure Carbon Blue has developed an effective way to further defossilize business processes by capturing carbon from water. Our self-designed Direct Water Capture (DWC) technology has proven to work in the lab and is now being tested in the field.

What’s more, the carbon we capture from water isn’t waste to us! We use the captured CO2 to create Green Carbon Dioxide®: a clean and safe raw material that prevents new fossil carbon emissions in food, fuel, and material industries. By switching to this biological alternative companies can reduce the carbon footprint of their CO2 feedstock.

The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) report of April 2022 clearly states that urgent climate action is needed to halve emissions by 2030. To give the world a chance to limit global warming to 1.5°C, we must first drastically reduce emissions before removing legacy CO₂ emissions and storing them in a permanent and safe way.

Therefore, it’s our Mission 2030 to create a sustainable solution for reducing the risks of global warming and ocean acidification, by making carbon reusable.

Our DWC technology can be used anywhere in the world. When powered by renewable energy or energy-from-waste, it’s one of the purest forms of carbon dioxide removal. What if we could produce food, fuels and materials without burning fossil fuel, and use Green Carbon Dioxide® instead?
Our Mission 2030 is doable, it just needs the action. We are a team of entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers with a shared care for our planet. We’re on a mission to fundamentally contribute to net-zero with our DWC technology by collaboration with business partners and institutes.
Pure Carbon Blue strives to become a certified B-corporation. We drive our business on environmental impact alongside with the financial returns.

If you are an investor or business leader who strives for net-zero and a better world for the next generations, act now. Ask for our collaboration program and join our Mission 2030.