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Help to recycle excess carbon from our waters

It’s our mission 2030 to create a sustainable solution for reducing the risks of global warming and ocean acidification, and make carbon reusable.

Here’s the good news

Pure Carbon Blue has developed an effective solution to slow down these two effects and help cleaning up by capturing carbon from water. Our self-design Direct Water Capture Technology has proven to work in the lab, and is now being tested in the field.

What’s more, the carbon we capture isn’t waste to us! We make it available as Green Carbon Dioxide™, a clean and safe raw material that helps food, material and fuel industries to eliminate carbon emissions.


We can use CO2 to make our food more sustainable

Healthy and sustainable crops

We can use CO2 as a raw material for a lot of things

Sustainable material compositions

We can use CO2 to make 
green fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel

Meet the team

Our Mission 2030 is doable, it just needs the action. We are a team of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers on a mission to fundamentally contribute to net-zero with our Direct Water Capture Technology. 

The Pure Carbon Blue team

We support the Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 12 Responsible consumption and production
Goal 13 Climate action
Goal 14 Life below water
Goal 15 Life on land
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Join our Mission 2030 program this year

If you are an investor or business leader who strives for impact and a better world for our children and grandchildren act now. Ask for our investment and corporate donation programs, and learn how you can contribute to net-zero.