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The Performance Team

Pure Carbon Blue’s Performance Team is working on the core of the Direct Water Capture (DWC) technology. It focuses on the primary drivers of DWC like the energy balance. This includes DWC technology modelling, design, engineering, construction and processing of user data. It concerns a constant iteration of setting new standards that relate to the real world, challenging these, and bringing the performance to the next level. For current job positions you can click on any of the job openings below.

If taking action is your second nature

We are looking for professionals who want to fundamentally contribute to net-zero by employing our DWC technology. For decades we believed that climate change would be solved by governments, institutions and corporates. But reality is unruly. It takes high dedication and motivation in combination with an entrepreneurial approach. Our team approaches every issue with an open mind, a pioneering spirit and an exceptional level of persistency. If this makes your fingers itch, then check any of the current job openings below.

Join our Mission

Our Mission 2030 is doable, it just needs the action. We are a team of entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers with a shared care for our planet. We are building a top-notch team based on diversity, capabilities and a just culture. We enjoy autonomy, commitment, and collaboration, including our business partners and institutes.

We are currently looking for a Senior Process Engineer with a strong background in driving engineering deliverables, chemical process engineering, and thermo-dynamics. Do you have what it takes to fill in this position and contribute to the acceleration of our mission?