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Pure Carbon Blue Corporation B.V. is a young company that markets Green Carbon Dioxide™️. This is made of recycled excess carbon from water with our self-designed Direct Water Capture Technology (DWC). Our purpose is to slow down global warming and ocean acidification. DWC has the potential to become a key solution to get to net-zero.

To realize our ambitious mission of capturing 1 Gt CO2 by 2030, Pure Carbon Blue’s business model foresees in capturing and selling Green Carbon Dioxide as a safe and clean alternative for fossil-based CO2. We will make this available to companies who need carbon as feedstock for their business processes. As a first milestone, we aim to capture 1 Mt CO2 from water by 2026. This is for example the equivalent of more than three-quarters of the annual carbon emissions that Amsterdam households emit for heating their homes. Furthermore, it would be sufficient to produce enough green synthetic aviation fuel to fly 8 million passengers on a holiday from Amsterdam to Rome and back.

Our organization
Pure Carbon Blue’s organization consists of a Performance Team, a Company Team, and a Business Team. Each team focuses on de-risking and seeking opportunities by continuous iteration, milestones (business, performance, and financial), and formulating a clear pathway to success. The Performance Team focuses on the product Green Carbon Dioxide, and DWC-process validation. The Company Team is responsible for finances, communications, and administration. And the Business Team is responsible for market, location and pilot validation. Pure Carbon Blue strives to become a certified B-corporation. We drive our business on environmental impact alongside with the financial returns. We’re looking for dedicated professionals to join us on our mission. Below, please check the job opportunities we currently have available in our teams.

Company Team

No current vacancies

Pure Carbon Blue is based in Amsterdam, working from EDGE Olympic. As we’re conducting our pilots in the field, team members will also work from various locations around the Netherlands and abroad.

Want to know more?
We are happy to learn about your questions, insights, and motivation. Please send your message to connect@purecarbon.blue to the attention of Marc Goedkoop.